Kohat Textile Mills Limited’s overriding objective is to ensure that none of our activities harm our employees, the public or the environment.

In order to achieve this objective…

We embrace a comprehensive policy on the Environment, Safety and Health that includes

We consider that none of our activities are more important than health and safety of any individual or protection of environment.

We will ensure to prevent pollution through economical use of energy and proper discharge of waste by adopting efficient operational procedures.

As a minimum we will comply with all relevant legislation and any other requirements to which we subscribe.

We will encourage a pro-active safety culture and ensure that each employee is trained, experienced and competent to perform his or her duties.

We will strive to remove all causes of accidents and events and to minimize the consequences of such if they occur.

We will ensure that all our operations are performed, and seen to be performed safely.

We will strive to continually improve performances in all areas of EHS performance and prioritize on the basis of risk.

We will apply our EHS policy, standards, objectives and targets to our Retail Outlets, Distributors, Dealers and Contractors.